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Frequently Asked Questions

International Patients Seeking Beauty Specialists And IWBC

  Questions and Answers For Our Guests:
  1. Is the international patient such as Saudi women patients interested in multiple beauty surgeries?
    Yes they are. In fact, this is the purpose for the trip.  Also, to Saudi women this is a major project and they usually plan for multiple surgical procedures called from "Head to Toe".

    Moreover, the number of surgeries range from 20 - 50 surgeries and treatment procedures in the same trip.
    Examples of those surgeries and treatment procedures include the following:

    Hair transplantation, forehead, eye brows, eyelash, cheeks, lips, nose, ears, orthodontics, breast augmentation, liposuction and body re-contouring, vaginal rejuvenation (Urogyenecology) ... etc.
  2. How much does the average woman patient spend on the surgeries and the entire trip?
    About $100,000 on the surgeries and another $50,000 - $100,000 on travel cost, extended stay suites, limousines, taxis, tours, shopping ... etc.
  3. How do Saudi women patients pay for rendered services?
    They pay on line, in full and in advance. They do that to guarantee their appointments.
  4. How long does the woman patient stay abroad to complete above surgeries and treatment procedures?
    The average stay abroad for the patient is between 4 - 6 months and in some cases it could be longer. In fact, the patient
    have to be in full recovery before initiating the following surgery. Also, sometimes the surgeon may demand from the patient
    to wait a minimum period of time before the next surgery.
  5. How many Saudi women per group who travel abroad and how many of them seek surgeries?
    The average number is between 5 - 8 women made of mother, daughters and cousins and all of them join the group because they want the surgeries. In fact, seeking surgeries is a key requirement to be in this traveling women group.
  6. What is the total number in the group?
    The total number is about 11 individuals which include 1- 3 males who are employees for one or two of the women to
    perform support services such as moving luggage, transportation arrangements... etc.
  7. Do the Saudi women patients speak English language?
    Several members in the group speak English language. Also, it is wise to provide Arabic description of provided services in Arabic language. The purpose is to show courtesy for everyone in the group. In fact, DMS will prepare the Arabic page for your  organization. Please click here for samples and Advertisement Form.
  8. Are Saudi women familiar with western way of life?
    Saudi women travel frequently and they spend most of their vacations abroad. In fact, some of them were educated in
    Canada, Europe and in the USA.
  9. How do women patients find about IWBC?
    Information about IWBC is sent directly to the following organizations:
    • International women social and business groups.
    • Departments of Community Services at Local hospitals, worldwide.
    • International women societies
    • Women media: Newspapers, web sites and blogs.
    • Registration at major search engines Google and Yahoo
  10. How do women specialists find about IWBC?
    • Direct contact with international women specialists.
    • Direct contact with international medical and dental specialty groups to inform their women specialists about IWBC
    • Direct contact with international hospitals and clinics.





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