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Semira Bayati , M.D.

"I always strive for perfection in all my endeavors..."

I bring this quality to my patients and in the results they should expect from my work. I understand how a small imperfection in appearance can hold one back when interacting with others. Life is too short to just sit back and accept the misfortunes of nature, whether it is a child who was born with  a cleft lip or without an ear or an individual with a displeasing nose or breasts. My goal is to address these problems and to assist in reshaping one’s future.

Dr. Bayati’s surgical expertise includes face lifts and neck lifts, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, tumescent liposuction, abdominoplasty, central body and leg lifts and
mommy makeover”.

  Dana K. Khuthaila, M.D.

Dr. Khuthaila is dedicated to providing
her clients with detailed, individualized information to help them accomplish
their surgical goals. She has extensive experience in breast surgery, body contouring, aesthetic facial surgery, cancer reconstruction and microsurgery.

As one of a limited number of woman plastic surgeons in the Toronto area Dr. Khuthaila has a special interest in Breast and Body Contouring as they relate to a woman’s body especially after massive weight loss (bariatric surgery) or after having babies in what is known as the “mommy makeover”.

She is fluent in English and Arabic.

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Main Practice:
830 Park Avenue, New York ,
NY, 10021,
212 810 9052


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Claudine S. Roura, M.D.

Board certified dermatologist and is Fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society and the Philippine Academy of Cutaneous Surgery.

Dr. Roura is the first and only cosmetic surgeon certified to do VASER High Definition Liposculpture in the Philippines. personally trained by Dr. John Millard of Colorado, USA and Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Colombia, also
called the “Father of VASER Hi-Definition Liposculpturing”. conducted in Bogota, Colombia by the Advanced Body Sculpting Institute, Lone Tree, Colorado, USA.
(March 2008)


Dima Ali, M.D.

Dr. Ali
is an internationally recognized Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine expert.

Her areas of expertise include aesthetic laser surgery, minimally invasive face lifts, lipofilling, botox, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, sclerotherapy, mesotherapy/lipo-dissolve and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

In the USA, she founded one of the East Coasts first medical spas, WellMedica Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine in Reston, VA.

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Adriana Masi, DDS    a6
Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Masi graduated from the Federal University of Parana, Brazil, in 1984 with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), and received her U.S. license from the Dental Board of California in 2001. She continues to advance her education and training in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry through up-to-date courses and seminars at the University of the Pacific San Francisco, University of Southern California, and University of California Los Angeles. Dr. Masi also speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Greek.

  Sherri Worth, DDS
Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Sherri Worth is best known for her exceptional work in cosmetic dentistry.
She has an impeccable eye for aesthetics and is passionate about creating her beautiful smile transformations. Dr. Worth's passion for reconstructive dentistry and helping people achieve a beautiful smile began when she was very young. Born with two of her front teeth missing, Dr. Worth experienced some of the embarrassment and discomfort that comes with being different.


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Regina Fortunato, M.D.

Specialist in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic achieved with top honors from the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore in Rome.

Since 1985, Dr. Fortunato, managed the outpatient and operating room in the field of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at several clinics in Rome.

Also, Dr. Fortunato published over 80 papers
in scientific journals both Italian and European and North American volume of the Acts of Congress relating to Italian and foreign Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic research in clinical, experimental and case surgery.


  Mrs. Chien KAT
MBBS FRCS(Edin) FRCS(Plastic)
Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon

CC Kat is a leading Midlands plastic
surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. One of the very
few female plastic surgeons in the UK,
she is in a unique position to offer that professional female perspective and care.
As a perfectionist, she believes in
achieving the best possible result for
every patient.

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United Kingdom


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Jennifer Martinick, M.D.

Dr. Martinick has over 30 years experience in medicine and has been specialising in hair transplantation since 1978. She is internationally acclaimed for her work in the field of hair loss and for combining medical knowledge with her artistic skill for outstanding results in hair transplant surgery .

Also, Dr. Martinick has international recognition for her studies on transected (damaged) hair follicles and new techniques in hair transplant surgery , including the 'snail track' hairline - deliberate irregularities and varying density to mimic a natural hairline.


Helen Walsh BDS (NUI) Dip.Clin.Dent.

Dr Walsh graduated with honours from University College Cork in 1992. She spent 7 years in the UK in general practice. Following her return to Ireland, she spent two years in a group practice in Dublin before taking over this practice in 2001. The practice has since been expanded and developed into a modern 3 surgery practice.

Her post graduate training qualifications include the fields of Endodontics (Root Canal treatments), Prosthodontics (Veneers, Crowns and Bridges, as well as cosmetic dentistry).


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Nancy Roberts - Makeup Consultant

Co-Creator of Smart Cover Cosmetics has been helping hundreds of women, men and children learn how to cover all their skin imperfections by camouflaging them with makeup.

Nancy led the research to have cutting edge technology that would set Smart Cover apart from all other concealers, creating a simple, one-step process that could be used by people even with sensitive skin. She wanted the product to cover, correct, and be convenient for women, and men of all ages to use.

.. Leila Saab - Consultant
Permanent Cosmetic Make UP
  • Board certified

  • 15 years experience in the field
    of permanent make up, eyelash extensions and

  • Held seminars and live demonstrations on permanent make up at beauty colleges.

Intradermal pigmentation or permanent make up is the latest form of beauty enhancement. A subtle natural look is achieved by depositing color on eyebrows, eyelids and lips.


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